Dear Friends,

In response to this growing health concern, we have been taking steps to ensure that our facilities are
thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis per CDC recommendations.

We are continuing to keep the health and safety of our community, including our pets as a priority. In an effort to minimize the risks to family, friends, and community while still providing necessary medical support to our pets we are implementing some logistical changes for pick up, drop offs, medication, diet refills, and payment options---for anyone who desires this service. Regular exams and appointments are still available for your convenience. 

If you would prefer to remain in your vehicle while your pet is being seen in our facility,
please call us and we will provide that service to you.

- We will then collect your pet and complete necessary examinations and treatments in the hospital.
- We will consult by phone while you wait safely in your vehicle, returning your pet to you when the appointment is complete.
- If you are picking up medications and/or prescription diets, please call when arriving at the clinic, and we will bring items to your car.

Cascade is dedicated in providing the medical care your pets need while implementing solutions to minimize the risk of community spread of the coronavirus.

Please call ahead and a Care Coordinator will be available to assist you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our HR Manager Misty Ray.




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Please spay and neuter your pets! 

Spaying or neutering is a responsible choice that can benefit not only your pet, but you and society as well.

Our Staff

We have been helping pets in the Wenatchee Valley for over 50 years.